Free breakfast & lunch
Tues-Fri, Free supper
Tues, Wed, Fri & Sat

2700 to 3000 people served each month

25,000 people fed in 2017

Feeding Windsor was launched in 2014 to serve members of our community struggling with issues of food insecurity as a result of living in poverty and isolation. Feeding Windsor was originally partnered with St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church but with their closure we had to find a new partnership. We found that partnership with New Song Church as of April 2017.

The project is run by a part-time Project Coordinator and is currently funded completely by donations from individuals, businesses and churches in Windsor-Essex.

The program provides free breakfast, lunch, and community suppers four days a week and serves approximately 2700-3000 people each month. Since January 1st, 2015, the project has fed over 55,000 community members in need including single mothers and their children, the working poor and seniors.

The program offers opportunities for community members to volunteer their skills and services and is supported by donations of food products from local businesses when available.

Feeding Windsor also provides training opportunities to individuals facing severe barriers to employment. Participants are referred from community service organizations and once their training is complete they are offered assistance in finding permanent paid employment in the food services industry.